Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harper Collins signs up for Scrib'd

Harper Collins has come to an agreement with book subscription service Scrib'd which entails including the publishers catalogue in the service. Scrib'd for those of you who don't already know is a digital library not unlike what Netflix is for movies and television. The Chief Executive Trip Adler told The Australian that Scrib'd wants to be the "Netflix of books". They are well on their way, once Harper Collins has their books up Scrib'd will have over 50,000 available.

Harper Collins will however not include new release titles on the service which they have come under fire for. What the audience and members of Scrib'd have to understand is that Netflix doesn't get new release movies from studios either. If you want a library service you can go to a library and get the book for free.

The idea is that if Harper Collins released their new titles on Scrib'd at the same time they hit stores they significantly reduce the impact the Scrib'd members have on brick and mortar sales. You wouldn't pay $24.99 for a new release book if you could borrow it from Scrib'd for nothing more than you already pay per month for the service.

Customers sometimes have the 'Customer is always right' emblazoned so permanently on their brains that they fail to see that business is give and take. The sole purpose of book publishing isn't to provide a customer with a book, it is to sell a customer a book. The sooner consumers realize that the better.

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