Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Develop a Writing Habit

I read in The Essentials of Screenwriting by Richard Walters two years ago that it is important to develop a writing habit. As I treat myself like a professional writer I find that having multiple means to write helps me motivate myself to write something new everyday. I can write a little of a novel, I can write an article for Helium, a poem, a short story a blog post on this blog or for my magazine Literati.

I set myself  word counts and I am generally happy to write about 400-500 words a day. For NaNoWriMo I will write much more than that but that is an extraordinary circumstance. Developing my skills day to day makes me feel I am progressing through my work at a good pace and that I never have to dwindle and pull my hair out over one project day in day out. Expand your horizons and start a few projects. Write a little everyday and finished products will pop up after a few weeks from just a little work a day.

The best way to develop a writing habit is to write! No tricks involved, no magic dust that i can sprinkle over you to make you produce like Hemingway did. Write and write and write until you can't write anymore. Start with small goals each day will help you feel the success that your writing could bring you.

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